Yummy New Orleans


Happy Mardi Gras!

     In many places around the world, Mardi Gras, which translates to “Fat Tuesday,”  marks the last day of the carnival season and is traditionally the day you gorge on all your vices before giving them up for the Lenten Season. I usually give up some of my most favorite, decadent foods since indulging in sweets and fast food is one of my weaknesses!  Last year,  I gave up eating french fries and boy was that tough. I couldn’t pass by a McDonald’s or an In – N- Out without crying inside. I still haven’t decided what to give up this year!

One of the most famous places to celebrate carnival season is New Orleans, Louisiana. It was a dream of mine since I was young to visit the dazzling city of New Orleans and experience their rich culture, and of course Mardi Gras season. It’s hard to believe that dream came true for me and not too long ago I was there reveling in the festivities in one of my favorite cities (more about why I love New Orleans here).

My favorite thing to do in New Orleans is eat, and why not? This city boasts some of the most unique and delicious cuisine in the world. I can’t be there for the festivities this year, but that doesn’t mean I can’t daydream about my favorite restaurants.

Don’t miss these yummy places on your next trip to New Orleans:

Cafe Du Monde

This shop is renowned for their delectable beignets and boldly flavored cafe au lait. The most popular location is on Decatur Street right next to Jackson Square. It’s the perfect spot to enjoy a sweet treat and sit for a spell while people watching at all hours since they are open 24 hours.



Occasionally I like to splurge, especially when it comes to treating my taste buds. Antoine’s, located in the French Quarter, has been delighting the taste buds of food lovers since 1840 and is the oldest family run restaurant in New Orleans. My favorite dish is the Alligator soup, and of course their famous Baked Alaska for dessert!  It’s a great place to dress up and indulge in world renowned French-Creole cuisine. Don’t forget to make a reservation, and ask to take the tour of the restaurant after your dinner. There are 14 dining rooms that each have a unique history and charm.

Baked Alaska


Willie Mae’s Scotch House 

If you are a fried chicken fan, you definitely have to visit this restaurant as soon as possible. This is the tastiest, most savory fried chicken recipe I have ever had the pleasure of eating. It’s located a bit off the beaten path but totally worth the trip. Get there right when they open or you will have to stand in line and be tortured by the heavenly aromas emanating from the kitchen while you wait!

Willie Mays Chicken

Jean Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop

Okay, so this isn’t a restaurant but what’s a trip to New Orleans without indulging in some haunted history and libations? Jean Lafitte’s, which has been around since the 1700s, is one of the oldest buildings in New Orleans and is believed to have served as front for the famous pirate’s many legal and illegal endeavors.  Located on Bourbon Street,  the ambiance here with it’s darkened, gas lit lighting, has an unmistakably New Orleans flavor.


Acme Oyster House

I was so not a fan of oysters, that is, until I tried my first char-grilled oyster platter at Acme . Now, this oyster dish is a constant presence in all of my food filled dreams!   This is definitely a place you have to put on your list of must-try restaurants.  I always order 1 dozen oysters, a side of boo fries (french fries drenched with gravy), and a sweet tea.  It’s amazing!


Well, I knew writing this would make me hungry. I hope you feel inspired to book the next flight and eat your way through New Orleans. If you can’t get there soon enough the next best thing would be to find a creole restaurant near you! It’s Mardi Gras ! Laissez les bons temps rouler!


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Jamie is a writer with a passion for adventure, history, and more. When she’s not out exploring the world, Jamie is at home in sunny San Diego, CA chasing sunsets and carne asada fries, preoccupied with research, or invested in a good book and a cup of tea.

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