Roaring into a New Decade 2020

In all of this, one thing that I have found to be consistent is my passion for travel. I am so grateful that I had the ability to experience all that I have so far whether it be alone, with the people I love, or even with people just there for the moment. Travel when you have the chance, alone and with loved ones. You will never regret it! 

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San Diego is Lit: Old Town Trolley “City Lights” Tour.

Some people think of San Diego mostly as a “Day-Time” city, and with perfect sunny weather, beautiful urban parks, and many pretty beach neighborhoods it’s easy to see why. San Diego really does look gorgeous in the daylight! I work in downtown and now that it’s finally the darker half of the year (I do […]

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Mexico City: Un Ciudad Muy Divertido!

Mexico City is one of the most culturally significant, diverse, and fun cities in the world with plenty going on! Here are just a few things you will experience when you visit Mexico City: 

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Victorian San Diego’s “Palace of the Arts.”

Autumn Aquarius front Villa montezuma

The grand and stately Villa Montezuma. Built for musician, writer, and Spiritualist, Jesse Shepard in 1887, it was coined the “Palace of the Arts,” a place made for art, music, and literature.

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Yummy Tokyo

Autumn Aquarius Disney popcorn

“Food Heaven” is a real place and it’s called Tokyo! It would take a lifetime to enjoy all the delicious food that Tokyo has to offer but it’s one I am most willing to give!

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Mana and Marae in beautiful Moorea.

The first island we explored on our Polynesian honeymoon and why we fell instantly in love with it: the culturally rich Opunohu Valley.  

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