Lunch with a Local: Kristin from New Orleans

New Orleans is simply incredible. After over a decade of traveling the world, I can personally attest to it’s perfect uniqueness. The food, the music, the people, how well we throw a party. I’m so lucky, blessed and infatuated with this place. Here’s to you, Big Easy, and your absolute refusal to drown.” – Kristin Dugas.


Through our mutual love of travel and the amazing city of New Orleans, Kristin and I connected on Instagram, and finally got a chance to hang out on my recent trip to NOLA. We met for lunch at Elizabeth’s, a funky restaurant in the Bywater neighborhood that serves up delicious concoctions like Praline bacon, great cocktails, and classic country dishes for breakfast and brunch.  We gushed about our recent trips (she just flew in from a weekend at Harry Potter World!),  and touched on current events, but mostly we talked about what makes NOLA so special.


For Kristin, there is no other place in the world that she would rather live. “We celebrate everything here. Life, death, music, booze. We have a festival in the French Market for creole tomatoes (fried green tomatoes) just because they are so great.” In a city that finds any reason to celebrate, I asked her if she could only attend one festival for the entire year, which would she choose? “That’s a hard one! It’s a toss up between French Quarter Festival which celebrates the city itself, and Tennessee Williams Festival which celebrates the literary history of the city.” That is a tough one! Both sound fun!


“I could write a book about all the reasons I love this city.” She whole heartily agrees that the music, food, and booze are the best in NOLA, but it’s really the people that make this city the most unique city in America. It’s a resilient place where locals help locals.”I believe that if [Hurricane] Katrina happened anywhere else, they wouldn’t have come back the way we did.”  And as for the catastrophic flooding that happened in other parts of the state this August she says, “We’ve learned not to wait for help.We do it ourselves. More people loading up chainsaws into pickup trucks, more trucks pulling boats, headed to Baton Rouge, Walker, and Saint Francisville, people who are taking off work to wade into murky water and ask, “What you need, bebe?” I have seen other places and hands down, without question, if there has to be a disaster, send Louisiana natives. Every time.”

For me as a visitor to NOLA, the pride that people have in their culture and city is infectious. Only in NOLA you will see a Catholic priest in a Saint’s jersey high-fiving a tarot card reader after the service. Only in NOLA will you find a wedding party or a funeral procession marching down the street to jazz. Because life is too short and you never know what is going to happen so celebrate every moment. The easy-going, welcoming way of the people and the sultry allure of the music, food, history, and ambiance of New Orleans will always keep me coming back.






18 responses to “Lunch with a Local: Kristin from New Orleans”

  1. Wonderful posting and cool pictures.

  2. Kristin from New Orleans Avatar
    Kristin from New Orleans

    You took my words & painted such a perfect picture of this city with yours. I’m so impressed by this & so humbled that I could help in any way! Great job, Lady! (Lovin’ the rest of this Traveller’s haven/blog of yours, too, btw!) Keep ’em coming; NOLA will be ready to buy you a drink when you get back. 💜💚💛

    1. Thanks Kristin! You are awesome! Just like your hometown 🙂

  3. loved this article, and the pictures. The City That Absolutely Refused to Drown, should be a book. I think you may have the perfect local author right here, sitting in Elizabeth’s.

    1. Thank you, Jane! I’m so happy you liked it. Thanks for reading!

  4. Love the pictures; they perfectly represent the city that is closest to my heart.

    1. Thank you, Erin! What a compliment ❤

  5. A Traveler Has No Name Avatar
    A Traveler Has No Name

    Building narrative through another perspective. Somebody is expanding her horizons. =)

  6. Interesting place.

  7. What a wonderful post! I would love to visit New Orleans someday..thank you to both of you for introducing it! It makes me want to go sooner!

    1. Thank you so much, Indah! I hope you have a wonderful time when you do go!

  8. This is so cool! I love the “Lunch with a local” idea!! It makes me miss NOLA.

    1. Thank you :-)! I miss NOLA all the time. It’s a rad place.

  9. […] easy-going atmosphere. It was the perfect location to meet one of my favorite New Orleanians for Lunch with a Local. My perfect meal there consists of their waffles, Veggie Omelet, side of Fried Green Tomatoes w/ […]

  10. […] There must be something in the air (or in the food?) there because the people of New Orleans are some of the most fun, easy-going people I have ever met ! I guess that’s why they nicknamed it “The Big Easy”: It’s easy to make friends, and that Southern charm and hospitality puts you at ease. They have such pride and passion for their city and traditions, and it shows! I got to have lunch with a pretty rad New Orleans local and fellow traveler. She has gone on some amazing adventures but loves living in NOLA, and she shares why in this post. […]

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