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Autumn Aquarius Adventures
Autumn Aquarius Adventures

Welcome to Autumn Aquarius Adventures! This is where I document my travels around the world, local adventures in the region I call home, and people and events that have inspired me.

I love helping people plan their travels almost as much as I love planning my own 🙂

I hope this little space on the world wide web not only inspires you to embark on your own world wide adventure but also inspires you to learn the history and culture of these places and their people! I hope you return from your trip with a deeper love of your fellow humans and our beautiful mother earth and her creatures.

When figuring out a name for my blog, I drew inspiration from my favorite season, Autumn the season of change, and from “Aquarius” the open-minded and innovative sign of the zodiac.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you find my stories inspiring, thought provoking, or at least a bit entertaining.

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