The Other-Worldly Allure of White Sands National Park

The Other-Worldly Allure of White Sands National Park


White Sands National Monument in New Mexico is a uniquely beautiful place. The white sand dunes undulate for miles like sparkling waves. As you venture deeper, you are so taken with its beauty you forget the parameters of the park are completely surrounded by military installations that, from time to time, launch missile tests (Don’t worry, they do let everyone know in advance…).


Hiking, camping, sledding, leisurely strolls under the full moon, and even sun bathing are among the many activities that you can partake in at White Sands. The park is so expansive though that you may find yourself enjoying it in perfect solitude if you wish, the graceful Yucca your only companion for miles.


My favorite thing to do was practice my photography skills. The best time to capture the whispering allure of White Sands is of course Golden Hour, after the sun dips below the dunes and casts a soft glow over the land.White Sands

There is definitely something other-worldly about White Sands National Monument. Get out there and wander among the majestic dunes and see for yourself!

Autumn Aquarius white Sands

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  1. I was only in New Mexico for a day or so, but we had the opportunity to drive to White Sands from Albuquerque – and what a beautiful place! Not just White Sands, but New Mexico in general. I would love to visit again to actually explore the land.

    Great travek posts!

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