Assistant Buzz Creator Files: Fourth and Final Day at Sundance 2015

Some much needed downtime was scheduled for the team on our last day in Park City. While Cindy and Israel hit the slopes, Tim and I took a nice long stroll along the center of Main Street.

I think it was during this walk that I realized, “OMG I’m at Sundance Film Festival!”  I actually took in the sights and sounds of festival goers excitedly buzzing around Main Street from event to event, and I just felt so amazed and blessed that I got the opportunity to be there too! Thanks for inviting me Cindy!

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Just strolling around this relaxed town was a lot of fun! Park City’s western influenced main street provides the perfect contrast to  the hollywood hoopla of the festival.




Filmed in Utah





   At night, the team regrouped to attend one last event. Now, I’m really not much of a party girl…unless that party includes delicious southern style food, a fun masquerade theme, and an amazing live band playing Southern Rock. If it does, then count me in!

    We attended the Louisiana International Film Festival’s Midnight Masquerade Party and had a blast! I especially enjoyed CC Adcock! Awesome band to see live!





Don’t forget to check out all of our in depth coverage here ! Until next time Sundance !!

3 responses to “Assistant Buzz Creator Files: Fourth and Final Day at Sundance 2015”

  1. What a great time it must have been ~ I was down in Salt Lake City for at the Outdoor show they had there and missed it…even though every day I thought “I gotta head up to Park City and experience it!” Cheers!

    1. There’s always next year 🙂 . How was the Outdoor Show in Salt Lake City?

      1. The OR Show was very good ~ it is something to see all the outdoor gear, makes me want to head out to the hills immediately. Beautiful place 🙂

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