Roaring into a New Decade 2020

Hello, everyone who still follows this blog!

It’s been a very long time in between posts. I have many posts written for 2019 travels but for some reason I have not hit the “publish” button on them. When these posts meet my satisfaction, I will put them out into the world so apologies in advance for the upcoming flooding of your inbox! 😛

I can’t believe that we are entering a new decade. The years have passed by in a blink of an eye, as they do. It’s only now as I sit down and write this post that I realize what a pivotal decade I have had. From 2010-2019 I graduated college, got my first “real” job, traveled alone abroad for the first time, started working in my chosen career field (History) got married, bought a house, and became an auntie!

Of course, times were not always great. I also got laid off for the first time, ran into debt, got really sick with pneumonia again and again, and the worst: mourned the death of some of my most beloved family members.

In all of this, one thing that I have found to be consistent is my passion for travel. I am so grateful that I had the ability to experience all that I have so far whether it be alone, with the people I love, or even with people just there for the moment.

I wish you all an even better upcoming decade than you have ever had, and hope that everything you ever want will be yours. Make sure you put health above everything, and that means spiritual, mental, AND physical health. Take care of yourself and your loved ones! Spend time with people you love because you never know when you won’t have them around. You’ll miss the sound of their voice (or bark <3).  Save money, but don’t be afraid to spend it too because you can’t take it with you. Experience is far more valuable. Take pictures and videos of everything so you can remember it, but also put the phone down and LIVE in the moment. Cherish moments because good or bad, they never last. Help others and accept help from others.

Travel when you have the chance, alone and/or with loved ones. You will never regret it!

5 responses to “Roaring into a New Decade 2020”

  1. Greetings Jamie, thanks so much and I hope you and your folks have a fantastic 2020 and new decade! I will be sure to check out you upcoming posts, they are so colourful and take me to places I may never get to in the flesh! Again keep well and chat soon.

  2. Interesting and informative article

  3. It’s been a while since Ive browsed WordPress! Hope you and your loved ones are well and safe.

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