Outlander Fan-Girling and other Comic Con Craziness.

Super heroes, celebrities, comic fans, and hordes of tourists invade my hometown every Summer for San Diego Comic Con, and it’s hard not to get caught up in the hoopla when the entire downtown is dolled up for the biggest event of season! The craziness is not strictly confined to the convention center; Hotels, restaurants and businesses surrounding the convention center also take part in the fun!

I’ve always had good times and good memories whenever I did attend Comic Con (you can read about an epic Comic Con year here!) so as much as I tried to resist all the hype this year, I ended up going.

Of course, a huge part of what piqued my interest was the fact that the cast and crew of Outlander was there. So, I fan-girled my heart out, and checked out some of the amazing cosplayers with my husband and good friend, Briana.

Later in the evening, my family and I attended “Rebels, Raiders and Supermen: The Music of John Williams” concert at San Diego Symphony Hall. The San Diego Symphony Orchestra played John Williams’ scores from some beloved movies such as Hook, Indiana Jones, Superman, and of course, Star Wars! You won’t see a photo of that though because we all came to the consensus that while the concert was amazing, the photo we took was not, so no internet posting ;-P.

Another wonderful Comic Con weekend in the books!

I found them!
There they are! Jamie (Sam Heughan), Frank/BJR (Tobias Menzies), Briana (Sofie Skelton), and Rodger (Richard Rankin).
Close up! There’s Claire (Catriona Balfe)!
Waiting for the American Horror Story preview with Briana!
Autumn Aquarius Adventures Comic Con 2017
Autumn Aquarius Adventures Comic Con 2017
Briana loves Gumby!
Autumn Aquarius Adventures Comic Con 2017
A handsome photographer!

My hubby took some AMAZING photos at Comic Con! Check them out : https://timgs.org/


9 responses to “Outlander Fan-Girling and other Comic Con Craziness.”

  1. Greetings Jamie, I was alerted by my Security Droid that you had visited my little corner of the blog universe and I am here to say thank you! I have had a chance to look around your site and I really like it, your enthusiasm and personality really makes it shine. I noticed in one post that you have a thing for Buffy The Vampire Slayer, well you may like the post (and saber I designed) on my site dedicated to Buffy for the 20th Anniversary. I will leave a link to it below. There are other designs dedicated to The Vampire Diaries and The Originals too! (listed in the sidebar)
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    kind regards,
    For Tyeth
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  2. Another exciting event in San Diego.

    1. Not a bad place to call home huh?

    1. Ahhh awesome!! Another fellow Outlander lover! So rad!

  3. […] met some of the stars of the show Outlander at her most recent Con so please go and check out her Comic Con Post and […]

  4. I haven’t been to comic since 2008! I can never get get tickets. At some point I stopped trying but I never lost the desire to go back. I love Outlander. I was a fan of the books and fell in love of with the TV show as well. What a wonderful experience you had. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Yolanda! Yes, I feel very lucky! I stopped trying for comic con as well because it’s just so impossible! But I got lucky this year and got an email detailing waiting room times etc. and figured I may as well try. Only got one pass and one day but it worked out! ☺

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