Christmas Night at Julian Hotel

One of my favorite places in all of San Diego County is Julian, a charming mountain town located approximately 45 minutes northeast of downtown San Diego. It is known for being one of the only places in San Diego County to experience all four seasons (the town motto is “Four Seasons of Beauty and Fun.”), and for it’s delicious apple pies.

There is an adorable historic Bed and Breakfast Inn located smack dab in the middle of Main Street and I have always wondered what it would be like to stay there. This Christmas, I finally got a chance to experience the Julian Gold Rush Hotel and I had a great time! Here are some things to know if you are curious and are thinking about staying there too:

1. Keep in mind that it is a historic inn. 

Like many other historical places to stay, the rooms will be small ( I mean really, how small were people back then?), and the decor and furniture will be very vintage. But it’s the novelty of staying in a charming hotel built during the exciting Gold Rush era that make the experience memorable, and the Julian Hotel has the distinction of being Southern California’s oldest operating hotel.




2. Book online.

It’s the easiest option and it’s where you can find any deals they may have going on.

3. Check in time is at 3pm. Arrive on time!

We arrived at 5:30pm and upon arrival there were two rooms left for the price level we paid. The receptionist let us go upstairs and check out the two available rooms and pick the one we liked. We picked room number 3, The General U.S. Grant Suite because between the two, that one had a view of the main street.  Maybe if you get there on time you will have more rooms to choose from.



4.Breakfast is served from 8am-9am… get up early and enjoy the complimentary breakfast that comes with your stay. I am not a morning person at all, but I am also not one to forgo the benefits that come with anything I spend my money on so our plan was to get up, get semi-dressed, enjoy some breakfast, then climb back upstairs and resume sleeping in. It was worth it because the breakfast which consisted of home made Julian granola, toast, fruits, yogurt, and eggs florentine was delicious!



4. Make sure to relax and enjoy Tea Time. 

Tea is served at 5pm and it’s a nice time to meet with other guests who are staying at the Inn. There are also books and games to enjoy, and even a piano player to entertain guests.




5. The front door is locked to keep the riff-raff out :-).

When we arrived we could not figure out how to get in to the hotel because the door was locked and no one was answering! Most of the people we saw walking around just kept looking at us and walking by. There is a doorbell that you ring and the receptionist comes to greet you. Once you check in, you get two keys : One for your room, and another to open the front door. Only checked in guests are allowed to enter the hotel.

If you are looking for a cozy, charming, and clean bed and breakfast to stay in, you will love the uniqueness of the historic Julian Gold Rush Hotel!





7 responses to “Christmas Night at Julian Hotel”

  1. A beautiful place up in the mountains. I’m sure you guys enjoyed your stay there. Great blog.

    1. Thanks mom ☺️☺️. You should come next time!

  2. What I remember about Julian was the apple pie, Jamie! In fact I think Peggy and I went out of our way to check it out. The B&B looks quite charming. I also remember being surprised by Julian’s mountain-like character. I wasn’t expecting it in San Diego County. –Curt

    1. I think it’s a gem of a town and I feel lucky that it’s in San Diego County. One of the only places to get four seasons! How did you enjoy the pie? Which shop did you get it from?

      1. I really liked the pie, Jamie. 🙂 But it was several years ago, so I don’t remember the cafe. –Curt

      2. Haha okay. I was curious. Your comment gave me an idea for a blog post. Best places to try Julian Apple Pie. That would be fun haha. Thanks for the inspiration, Curt!

      3. Now there would be a task… having to eat your way through Julian! You would probably have to go back and recheck certain restaurants as well, Jamie. 🙂 –Curt

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