5 reasons to visit the Madonna Inn

Perched right off the 101 in the seaside town of San Luis Obispo, CA is the Madonna Inn; the cutest most whimsical place I ever stayed. If you love being surrounded by romantic ambiance, pretty things, and the color pink, this place will surely tickle your fancy.  If you are planning a birthday celebration, bachelorette party, wedding, honeymoon, or even a solo adventure here are 5 reasons to consider a stay at the Madonna Inn:

  1. It’s an icon.

Since it first opened its doors in 1958, the Madonna Inn has been a landmark in the central California coast known for it’s unique architecture and design. Weary road trippers sometimes stop in just to see its famous rock waterfall urinal in the Men’s Restroom. It has been featured in T.V. shows such as The Bachelor and The Simpsons, and numerous music videos.



     2.It’s uniqueness and attention to detail.  

There are 110 rooms to choose from and each are decorated with their own unique theme. The theme of my room, “The Love Bird” room, was reflected in the wall paper and vintage lighting fixtures.




Here is a full list of all the rooms and suites you can stay in. You can pick a room with a rock fireplace or waterfall shower, a private viewing tower that overlooks the property, or suites with all the pink decor you can handle. The sky (or your budget) is the limit.

    3. The location. 

San Luis Obispo, or SLO as it is nicknamed, is a quintessential, California seaside community with a mild climate, amazing scenery, great restaurants, and landmarks worth visiting within driving distance. If you do want to venture out of the Madonna Inn to sight see, you will definitely have many things to see and do in this central coast town.


4. The amenities and things to do. 

Whether you feel like sipping cocktails by the pool, unwinding at the spa, horseback riding, boutique shopping, enjoying delicious dining, or wine tasting, you can do all of that onsite at the Madonna Inn. I highly recommend The Gold Rush Steak House for dinner and dancing, and the Copper Cafe for brunch. Make sure to make reservations!




5. Pink Champagne cake. 

Yes, you read that right. This delicious concoction of fluffy, picture perfect, sugary,  pink goodness is reason enough to stop in at the Madonna. Top it off with an ice tea sweetened with rock candy and all your sweet dreams will come true!


If I ever end up being a wealthy spinster like Miss Havisham from Great Expectations, I’m going to hole myself up in the pinkest, most fancy suite at the Madonna Inn and be happy with my money and pretty surroundings. And I am going to eat pink champagne cake every night. Since that situation isn’t likely, I will be content dreaming of another stay at the Madonna Inn, and make the latter part of that scenario a reality. Pink champagne cake EVERY NIGHT.


In addition to staying at this great place, we also visited the Hearst Castle and took the Pacific Surfliner all the way up to SLO from San Diego! Check out our vlog of the trip here and please subscribe!

7 responses to “5 reasons to visit the Madonna Inn”

  1. This looks like the place of movies to this Minnesota girl.

    1. I definitely felt like one while staying there!

  2. I love this resort. It was such a unique experience for us. The central coast and magnificent. Just beautiful.

    1. One day we’ll go back! It was so fun!

  3. […] Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo. It is the cutest most whimsical place I have ever stayed in! I loved and the quirky, unique design of the room, the elegant restaurants, the cute pool area, […]

  4. It seems like a place usually seen in classic, old movies. The architecture, decoration, food… everything looks amazing. Thanks for writing about Madonna Inn. I am going to visit it soon. 🙂

    1. Thank you for checking out my post! I hope you enjoy your stay and if you share it on your blog, I’ll check it out!

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