The Winchester Mystery House of My Dreams.

I had the strangest dream once that I was wandering through this huge mansion, and I was pursuing or being pursued by an unseen entity. I tried finding my way out of the house but all the stairways would lead to the ceiling, the hallways would stretch on forever, and the doors would keep leading to other rooms, or to nowhere. I woke up before finding out why I was wandering through this house, and I remember waking up very confused. A few days later as I was watching the Travel channel I caught the last 30 mins of a segment on weird places in California and the Winchester Mystery House was featured. I felt a serious case of deja vu at that moment and of course knew that one day I must pay that house a visit!

The Winchester Mystery House is a sprawling Queen Anne style Victorian mansion located in San Jose, California. It is one of two homes in California officially designated as haunted (the other being The Whaley House in San Diego). It’s eccentric floor plan was designed by Sarah Winchester, the widow of gun tycoon William Wirt Winchester. The house served as her residence in the later part of her life, after her husband and child passed away.


Legend has it that Sarah believed she was cursed and haunted by the spirits of those that were killed by the Winchester Rifle, the “gun that won the West,” and the only way to appease the spirits was to constantly expand and build a mansion where their weary souls could rest. It is believed that the labyrinth of trap doors, stairs leading to nowhere, winding hallways, and general nonsensical architecture was meant to confuse the spirits that Sarah believed followed her throughout the house.


If you are driving by, you may miss the house at first glance as it is surrounded by gates and trees. However, as soon as you walk through the gates and wander about the grounds, the commanding exterior of the house draws your undivided attention and it seems that the spirits themselves are beckoning you to come in from the many art glass windows.


There are year round tours you can take that show you different parts of the house and grounds. There are also seasonal tours like the night time Halloween Candlelight Tour, which is the one I took (of course). With a candelabra being the sole source of light, you are led throughout the dark winding corridors of the house with a guide, clad in their Victorian duds, telling you stories of hauntings that occurred in the house. Definitely something that will get you in the Halloween spirit!

Visited the Winchester House with my dad! He appreciates the history and mystery as much as I do!

So back to my dream: Was I Sarah Winchester trying to find a moment of peace from the spirits that pursued me? Was I one of the wandering and confused spirits that followed Sarah throughout the maze of a house? Was the house in my dream even the Winchester Mystery House?  Well, in my dream I was wandering the house during the day, not at night so maybe another visit is in order during daylight hours so that I can better assess the meaning behind this dream. I look forward to it!

Have you ever visited the Winchester Mystery House? What do you think of it, and the legends surrounding it?





17 responses to “The Winchester Mystery House of My Dreams.”

  1. This is a great story. It makes me want to visit the site and learn more about it. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks for reading, Colette!

  2. wow… great!!!!
    This post remind me of the story call “Recurring Dream”. In this story also, the character Kim have recurring dream.

    1. Thanks, John! Luckily for me I’ve only had the dream once but I wrote it in a dream diary I keep so I can remember them!

  3. Peggy has, Jamie, and always urges that I do so as well. I might add that Peggy often has dreams of being chased through mansions. Hmmm. 🙂 I’ve always been fascinated by the Winchester story. It is a great definition for weird, as well as obsessed… and haunted? Speaking of weird, I like haunted places. I really should go. –Curt

    1. I wonder what our dreams of being chased through mansions mean ?! :-). Yes, listen to Peggy and pay the Winchester House a visit. I’m sure the spirits will have something to say to you 🙂 .

      1. Peggy wonders too, Jamie. 🙂 Next time I am around San Jose… –Curt

  4. Thanks for liking a post on my blog. Checked this one out and remembered watching an episode of Most Haunted (UK) on this house, so I was familiar with it. I like going to haunted places (will be staying at The Golden Fleece in York in December) but as I am British, and not able to afford a trip across the pond, I will be nowhere near the Winchester Mystery House any time soon. Looks fascinating.

    1. That’s so cool that you have heard of it ! I looked up The Golden Fleece, it looks wonderful! I’d love to stay there when I visit the UK again someday. Have a wonderful time!

  5. I too have had this dream, countless times! From the moment I first heard about the Winchester house I have felt a very strong attraction to it, and many times have wondered if it is related to my dreams in some way. In fact the whole reason I found your blog is that I did a Google search for “Winchester House dreams” just to see if anyone else experienced the same thing. I have never been there in person but would love to get a chance to visit some day.

    1. Wow that is amazing, Jennifer! Well I’m so glad you found me. So weird that we have similar dreams about this place. I wonder what they are trying to tell us!

  6. I also had a dream with this house where i got lost.. at first i thought it was just a dream then i saw a video in youtube about haunted places. In my dream i was in a tour in the house at daylight, got confused in a door and suddenly i was lost and running scared. I wish i could visit the house one day

    1. Hi Giselle! I’m so glad I’m not the only one who had this dream! I hope you can visit one day too. It really is very interesting to be there and see the house that haunted our dreams in person!

  7. Loved walking through the house, would totally enjoy just exploring on my own. Imagine what secrets that might be discovered there.

    1. I agree! It would be so fun…but I’m also afraid that I would get lost! Literally and figuratively!

  8. I also experienced recurring dreams about this place since childhood. I was sitting watching TV with my dad when a travel show featured the Winchester house. I exclaimed to my dad that I had seen this place in my dreams. He told me that I had visited the place as an infant.

    1. Omg that’s incredible! How strange!

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