An Out of this World Weekend at Alien Con 2016

This weekend I took my favorite extraterrestrial (aka my dad) to the inaugural Alien Con held at the Santa Clara Convention Center. We had tons of fun attending discussion panels, meeting our favorite television personalities and fellow Ancient Alien enthusiasts, and browsing some interesting vendors.

The Martian has crash landed!

The event did unfortunately have a few glitches such as disorganization, lack of vendors/exhibitors catering to Alien enthusiasts ( where were the artifact exhibits and kitschy space toys?), and inadequate venue space for crowds. Speaking of venues,  though this has little to do with the event itself, the choices in food places within walking distance from the venue were sorely lacking. So, when the events and panels concluded for the day, the only choices in food were the hotel restaurants which didn’t have much variety and were expensive. I ended up doing the math and it was more economical for us to just stay in and order room service then request a Lyft to an area with restaurants, pay for dinner, then request a Lyft back. May I suggest San Diego Convention Center as the next Alien Con venue? It’s huge, and surrounded by restaurants and scores of other attractions that would most likely love to cater to Alien Con goers. Plus, (hopefully) there will be a nice new event venue/ stadium by the convention center that will be able to hold tons of earthlings. Perfect place in my opinion 🙂 . But I digress.

Despite these glitches and set backs, each volunteer and team member that I encountered was genuinely helpful and did their best to amend any complaints. They were open to feedback and suggestions so I am positive that should they hold this event again it will be even better!
We got to meet a ton of special guests, talent, and experts in the field because my dad was like a celebrity magnet! We seemed to just run into them in the elevator, on the floor we were staying on (lucky floor 13!), or in the lobby.

Bill Mumy from Lost in Space and Twilight Zone
Giorgio Tsoukalos from Ancient Aliens



David Childress from Ancient Aliens
Dad with Nick Pope from Ancient Aliens
R2D2 !

I would definitely attend another Alien Con because the event was awesome and worth the weekend pass ticket price, but what made it special was hanging out with my pops. It was nice to hear him share his ideas with like -minded people, and trust me he is full of them! It really made me feel we are not alone; in our beliefs as well as in the Universe.

As for me, my interests of course lie in the historical aspects of the Ancient Alien Theory.  After all, George Orwell said, ” (S)He who controls the past, controls the future.” Messages and codes found in ancient monuments and texts, and myths and legends of our ancestors that indicate they were visited by a higher being hold the key to finding our origins. We just have to be open to accepting the truth whatever it is. Hey, I’m not saying it was Aliens….but it was Aliens! 🙂

7 responses to “An Out of this World Weekend at Alien Con 2016”

  1. Great post! Sounds like you had a great time there.

    1. Thank you ! It was a great time 🙂

  2. What a fun event and perfectly times for Halloween!

  3. Watching Star Trek (again x 20) so your trip into Alien-Con perfect, Jamie. 🙂 –Curt

    1. Haha perfect! Which one? Original or next gen?

    1. Thanks Brianna! It was!

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