Touristing in Dublin! Ireland’s Fair City.

Packed with history, lively pubs, and great music,  Ireland’s capital is a good place to start  your first adventure in The Emerald Isle. Known for being a city full of friendly people, Dublin is an ideal place to hang if you are traveling solo.

It is also a very walkable city, and thank goodness for that! I consider myself a woman of many talents but driving on the other side of the road is definitely not one of them. Besides, the best way to truly explore a new city is to walk around and get a little lost.

Here is a list of some places I enjoyed while wandering through Dublin:

Temple Bar. 

If you’ve heard of Dublin, then you’ve probably heard of The Temple Bar. This is a tourist haven with the price tags to prove it, but the ambiance and photo ops are worth weaving through the crowds for. I went in the early evening just before the party people came out to play in full force, and enjoyed the jovial atmosphere and music coming from the pubs.

autumn aquarius ireland solo-81

 St. Steven’s Green

This 22-acre urban park  is such a beautiful serene place in the middle of lively Dublin to catch your breath…unless there are kids running around feeding the seagulls and pigeons in your immediate vicinity. Then you will be stuck playing “dodge bird” to avoid getting pooped on, or hit in the face by the crumb- crazed critters. Luckily, the park is so huge that when I ran away from the chaos,  I found a safe, quiet spot across a pond to watch the bird feeding insanity unfold.

P.S. I am scared of birds.

autumn aquarius ireland solo-12autumn aquarius ireland solo-9


This is a great place to kick back, hear live music ,and enjoy a few drinks. I absolutely loved the vibe here. People with good taste in movies will recognize this venue from the film P.S. I Love You as Gerry’s favorite pub. :-).


 The Brazen Head

Dublin is filled to the brim with amazing pubs and I had a great time at each of the ones I went to, but I think my favorite was Ireland’s oldest. They’ve been doing this since the year 1198, so they must be doing something right! There is a cool outdoor seating area, but I enjoyed the dimly lit indoor bar area. It was easier to meet new friends while enjoying my Beef and Guinness stew.

Brazen head


Book of Kells and Trinity College. 

The Book of Kells is one of Ireland’s great national treasures and a treat for any history lover. I highly recommend buying your ticket online before getting there, otherwise you will end up waiting in a long line. People tend to crowd around the exhibit so it would be better to go as early or as late as possible to have it mostly to yourself. Afterward, you can check out the Long Room in the Trinity College Library. If you are a book lover though, it’s kind of like being stuck in Limbo. All these rich, old books that you can admire but can never touch! Torture. The campus itself is a great place to wander around for a break  on a nice day.

trinity college
College Life. I might miss it a little.

autumn aquarius ireland solo-3

autumn aquarius ireland solo-6

Guinness Store House

This is consistently rated as Dublin’s number one attraction and the second you walk in you can see why. They set it up to be quite the experience for every visitor, not just Guinness connoisseurs. And, yes it’s true: Guinness does taste better in Dublin.

guinnessAutumn Aquarius Guinness

Old Jameson Distillery 

The Old Jameson Distillery was not too far from where I was staying so my feet may have wandered here more than once. If you’re not a fan of this whisky, the tour may not interest you as much. You do get to do some whisky sampling and comparing though and that’s always fun. Of course, the complimentary drink of Jameson at the end is a bonus too.



As with any big city, you can’t see it all in one trip! One day, I would love to go to Dublin again. Comment below some great places I can’t miss next time around.

12 responses to “Touristing in Dublin! Ireland’s Fair City.”

  1. Sounds like a fun trip.

    1. Thank you! It was good times !

  2. That top night shot was a beauty, Jamie. I have always been a fan of Guinness. I still remember my first Irish pub experience of drinking it warm. And afraid of birds? Not good.:) Re-watched Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds” not to long ago since I had been visiting where the film was made. Plenty of reasons in the movie to be worried about birds. (grin) –Curt

    1. Thanks, Curt! Haha, do I detect a bit of sarcasm with the bird comment? 🤔

      1. Now would I be sarcastic? 🙂

  3. A Traveler Has No Name Avatar
    A Traveler Has No Name

    A discussion must be had on what constitutes “good taste in movies.” You and I seem to have a disconnect there.

    That being said, your timer skills are improving. Looking foward to seeing more of your adventures.

    Next go round: Skellig Island. Just a hop, skip amd a boat ride away! Plus, a nice hike to the viewpoints AND you can say you stood on the same ground as Luke Skywalker and Rey! =)

    1. No discussion needed. It’s common knowledge that I have superior movie taste. Remember that movie night we had way back when? Dracula was a hit!!

      Thank you! You’re coming to Skellig with me of course.

  4. Ruby San Andres Avatar
    Ruby San Andres

    Awesome blog! As if I were there while reading. When you go back, I hope you will take time to visit St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

    1. I passed by and it was beautiful! I’ll have to explore it more next time!

  5. alisonkelleyhowe Avatar

    Great description. I have always wanted to visit Ireland and this makes me want to even more!

    1. I hope u will one day! It’s amazing! 😊

  6. […] seeing things I had only read about and seen on TV like Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland, Dublin, Wicklow National Park, and Newgrange ! I’m so grateful I got to do that, and solo traveling […]

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