Journey Through the Redwood Forests

Last year, our family road trip took us to serene Sedona, Arizona.  This year, we journeyed through the majestic Redwood Forests in Northern California. As with most amazing creations of this Earth, you can look at photos, watch movies, or hear stories but the best way to truly appreciate them is to see for yourself and etch a wonderful memory in your heart. The Redwoods possess a majesty that once you have wandered among them, you long to get lost among them again and again.

We only had four days to explore so we flew into San Francisco, and drove 5 hours to Eureka in our huge 12 passenger rental. FYI a huge 12 passenger rental will NOT fit through those famous Redwood Trees that you can drive through. Believe me, they all made me try it. There was a lot nervous shrieks from the back of the van, laughter from my sister and fiance, and expletives from me.

Our base was the Holiday Inn Express and Suites which was situated about 45 minutes from the sites we wanted to see. I highly recommend this hotel if you are traveling through the Redwoods with a large group comprised of Seniors and travelers that value extra comfort. Plus, it came with a free breakfast. Free food is always a win in my book.

Sometimes traveling in a big group has its drawbacks. Especially if you are in a group of travelers with such diverse ideas of what “adventure”, “vacation,” and “fun”mean. I wanted to wander around the Redwoods and take a few hikes and photos. Tim wanted to eat. The Seniors were getting bored of seeing all the same trees, which was mind boggling to me since our destination of choice had the word “forest” in it. Not to mention the “trees” are amongst the most unique and special of all “trees.” It was definitely a challenge to incorporate everyone’s different ideas and personalities into this trip but overall we had a wonderful time exploring and will always remember it!

If seeing the Redwoods has always been something you wanted to do, GO! If you have never thought about seeing the Redwoods then think about it and now, and GO! Simply being in the presence of these giants is truly remarkable and will make you feel humble, amazed, grateful, and will inspire you to do everything you can to take care of Mother Earth and her creations. I hope that in the future I will be able to take my children and grandchildren through the Redwoods to create their own beautiful memories.

Side trip on the way to Eureka: Glass Beach in Fort Bragg
Rainy Family Hike
Enter a caption
Creepy photographer 🙂 He’s cute though.
Nice, damp hike through Fern Canyon.
Autumn Aquarius Redwoods Park-8
Obligatory tourist photo!
Feeling tiny


Entrance to Fern Canyon

Autumn Aquarius Redwoods Park

Trip planning is exhausting.
Autumn Aquarius and family
Outside the Trees of Mystery

2 responses to “Journey Through the Redwood Forests”

  1. Nice article! Where to take a road trip was a recent discussion the other day. We were going to drive from San Diego to wherever we decide to go, but I like your idea of flying to San Francisco and driving from there also. Thanks for the ideas! 🙂

    1. No problem, Edwin! Thanks for reading my blog. Driving would be fun but my job doesn’t give me a ton of time off so to save time I like to fly. Also traffic is a killer!

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