Bretzels and Charm: The Fairy Tale Town of Colmar, France.

Once upon a time in a land far from home, I hopped on a train with a charming prince and was whisked away from the bustling City of Light to one of the loveliest towns in all the land. DSC03949

Located in the Alsace region of France,  Colmar is known for it’s wine, cuisine, and charming old town that will bring all of your fairy tale dreams to life. It is said to be the inspiration for the “Little Town” in which Belle from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast lived before her “adventure in the great wide somewhere” began.



We stayed in the quaint Hotel Saint-Martin situated in the heart of old town where we could view the leisurely bustle of the town from the window of the intimate lobby.


The hotel was cute and comfy, and it was fun to just relax and people watch, but the sights and sounds of Colmar were beckoning us to come explore so away we went.

autumn aquarius colmar france
photo by Tim Trevaskis

Autumn Aquarius Colmar.jpg

Colmar is French, but throughout it’s history it has changed it’s nationality back and forth from French to German, and the German influence is heavily prevalent in the town’s architecture, food, and language.



My favorite way to explore any town is to walk, and Colmar, with it’s cobblestone streets, colorful architecture,  and inviting boulangeries provides many wonderful and delicious distractions for visitors and locals alike.


If your wandering feet become weary, you can also take in the sights by cruising along the canals of “Little Venice.”



This is a good way to learn a little bit about the history of Colmar, and see it from a different perspective. Our guide was vey knowledgable and even translated the tour in three languages: French, German, and English.

A visit to Colmar is definitely worth it! The scenic beauty, friendly people, and heavenly cuisine (especially the desserts!) are exactly what fairy tales are made of! For more footage from our Colmar adventure, check out our video here!






18 responses to “Bretzels and Charm: The Fairy Tale Town of Colmar, France.”

  1. What an adventure

    1. It was ! So dreamy!

  2. You have definitely wetted my appetite:)xx

    1. Yay! You will love it ! Thanks for reading.

  3. thesweatergiraffe Avatar

    Colmar looks amazing! I love that charming small town vibe.

    1. It really was! I really loved all the locals too. My French is really bad at best, but they were so nice and helpful .

  4. Ruby San Andres Avatar
    Ruby San Andres

    I will definitely add this to the list of my “to see” places. I love Germany and France and seems like Colmar has the best of both worlds with the way you have described it. I can also see the German influence on the beautiful photos you provided. Well done!

    1. Thank you! Yes, you will love Colmar! Best of both worlds.

  5. Such a cute charming place!

    1. Loved every minute! It was lovely!

  6. Great article and photos… I loved the Disney references from one of their classic animated movies. You’re a great writer! 🙂

    1. Thank you very much, Edwin! I appreciate that!

  7. Your lovely photos brought back memories of my time living in Colmar last year 🙂

    1. Thank you so much ! That’s amazing! How was it living there?

      1. It was such a lovely place to live, plenty going on in the town itself (all the Christmas and Easter markets, film festival, museums etc) and as I was working as an English language assistant in one of the lycées for seven months I had plenty of time to explore the surrounding area too – including Germany and Switzerland!

  8. A town with all of those flowers just has to be beautiful. Great photos. And I am with you when it comes to walking. –Curt

  9. Wow what a charming little town.

    1. Right?!? Very interesting history as well!

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