Kauai From the Sky: Heli-Tour of the Island

Island Helicopter Autumn Aqaurius

Kauai is home to some of the most amazingly gorgeous scenery in the world. Most of which is accessible only via boat, hiking, or helicopter tour.

Autumn Aquarius Helicopter Tour

A helicopter ride is definitely an unforgettable way to see the amazing majestic valleys and secret waterfalls unique to Kauai. When I started looking into which company to book our tour with, I was so overwhelmed by the choices. There were the basic circle island tours, tours that offered a landing at an exclusive spot, and helicopters that flew with the doors off. I was tempted to just book with a company recommended by some friends but when I looked at what the tour offered and the price tag it came with, I was kind of underwhelmed. This tour was a hefty investment for the budget I was working with so I wanted to get the best value, and for it to be nothing short of amazing. I decided to go with Island Helicopters because of their Jurassic Falls Landing Adventure. For $300+ per person, you get the the aerial tour of the island, and an exclusive opportunity to land at the famous, privately owned waterfall used in the Jurassic Park Movies. The consensus of our six passenger helicopter was that it was totally worth the price tag. The falls are absolutely majestic from the sky, but no words can describe how beautiful they are right at your feet!

Autumn Aquarius Helicopter Tour
Manawaiopuna Falls Aka Jurassic Falls

Autumn Aquarius Helicopter Tour

Thinking about seeing Kauai from a birds eye view? Do a little research to see which option would best fit you, and/or the people in your group. There are so many to choose from! My family is not into speedboats or hiking like I am so I knew this helicopter ride would be the only way we could explore the more remote sights of the island together. In general, here are my Pros and Cons for taking to the sky and hitching a ride on a heli-tour of Kauai:


1.Viewing places not easily accessible.  Because of it’s lush, rugged landscape you will miss seeing some of the most beautiful spots in Kauai unless you are game to go on a few strenuous (and sometimes illegal) hikes. Helicopters provide easy access and an aerial view of the most spectacular waterfalls and valleys of the Garden Isle.

2. Comfortable, air-conditioned- It’s kind of nice to just sit back and enjoy the view, and listen to a knowledgable guide point out all of the perfect picture opportunities to you in a nice comfortable, fancy mode of transportation.

3.You can see tons of amazing sights in a relatively short time- Yes, it’s an island. But it still takes a couple hours to drive from one sight to the next. Even more hours to stop and explore them. With a helicopter ride, you can see a lot in your 1-11/2 hour time slot. Plus when you’re done, you will have a better idea of some sights you might want to explore in depth.


1.The Price Tag- Most tours range from $150-$300+ dollars. I don’t know about you, but that’s a good size chunk of my paycheck. I love taking photos and seeing amazing waterfalls so I convinced myself that this was once in a lifetime and would be worth the investment.

2.You might get motion sick- My poor aunt and sister unfortunately made use of the barf bags. But to tell you the truth, I was starting to get a little queasy towards the end of the ride. I think it was because of reason number 3.

3.You might get stuck with a bad seat…like I did. I was the only person in my posse handy with a camera and a desire to take photos and I got stuck in the back row middle seat. They seat you according to weight and height in order to balance the helicopter so you don’t have much choice in the matter. I attribute my rising motion sickness to the fact that I was trying to capture great photos and video footage from the dead center of the helicopter. It’s like reading while someone is driving. It makes you dizzy! My mom on the other hand, got the best seat: front and center next to the pilot! She is afraid of heights and got the seat with the most open view. I’m proud of her though, she kept her eyes open the whole time 🙂 .

So is it worth it? if you are willing to part with a good chunk of money, then yes. There’s nothing like taking a ride on a fancy helicopter. Add your funny family, and the breathtaking beauty of Kauai and consider it a win!

Autumn Aquarius Helicopter Kauai

13 responses to “Kauai From the Sky: Heli-Tour of the Island”

  1. mickey2travel Avatar

    Sounds like great fun! Glad you made a wonderful memory, too! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thank you so much for reading 🙂

  2. I went on this same tour with my wife on our Honeymoon. Was one of our favorite parts of the “tourist” activities we encountered.

    1. Awesome! I agree definitely one of the better touristy activities 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, Karl 🙂

  3. Wow. Lucky you. U got a gud sight from up there:)

  4. […] beyond grateful that I got to experience a helicopter ride to see Kauai from above, and to take a boat ride through the Na Pali coast this trip, but I think […]

  5. I wish I could do something like that. It looks like it would be a blast!

    1. Tony, it was! It was fun and worth it , but it’s probably my first and last time doing that haha. Very cool, but I’m still working to pay it off!

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