Surviving the Valley of Fire and Finding the Fire Wave

Not too long ago, I went on a weekend getaway to Las Vegas, Nevada with some of my fave guys! The four of us do Vegas together very nicely so it was full of fun, hilarious moments. We ate at a super expensive restaurant (thank you, Justin), got the hook up at one of the hottest clubs in Vegas (thank you, David), and stayed at the opulent Venetian Hotel (thank you, Tim).

So what did I contribute to this wonderful weekend getaway? A crazy adventure of course! I dragged the guys off the ritzy, glamorous Strip to the unforgiving terrain of the desert called Valley of Fire, just about 60 miles northeast of Vegas. I said something to David as we were hiking to the Fire Wave and it pretty much sums up the whole day spent there: “This is the stupidest, most amazing thing I have ever done.”

Autumn Aquarius Adeventures


The reason I say it was stupid is entirely OUR fault. WE FORGOT TO BRING WATER. I face palm every time I think back on it. There were a series of miscommunications in which we all thought someone else brought water. The hike to the fire wave was our last hike of the day. Not only were we racing the sunset (the park is closes at sun down), but we were battling dehydration. That desert sun shows no mercy! I was getting worried as I noticed the guys slowing down, and a dizzy, tired feeling was coming over me.

We almost did not make it there because the sun was setting pretty fast, and we were not sure that we would make the hike back to the car, but we kept on going and I am glad we did! Let me show you why:

Autumn Aquarius Adventures Valley of fire

Valley of Fire Autumn Aquarius

Valley of fire autumn aquarius

Valley of Fire Autumn Aquarius

Autumn Aquarius Valley of Fire

There is no shortage of beauty to be behold at this place. Eye candy, and photo worthy back drops await at every turn.

Valley of Fire Autumn Aquarius

Valley of Fire Autumn Aquarius

Valley of Fire Autumn Aquarius

Valley of Fire Autumn Aquarius

Valley of Fire Autumn Aquarius

If you find yourself in Vegas, don’t miss out on seeing the amazing beauty of Valley of Fire State Park. Bring lots of water !

9 responses to “Surviving the Valley of Fire and Finding the Fire Wave”

  1. I LOVE Valley of Fire! Definitely the best reason to visit the Vegas area. I went there back in May and can’t wait to revisit. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you for reading! I agree! It’s the best reason to visit the Vegas area! And it won’t drain your wallet. Haha

  2. haha I’m glad you lived! Never forget water!!! Sounds like a great trip though.

    1. Haha Thank you! I’m glad I lived too! It was a great trip. Not the smartest idea, but I think forgetting the water added a bit of excitement to the journey. Not that I would recommend it though! 🙂

  3. Absolutely stunning set of photos ~ and hope to visit and explore there myself one day (with plenty of water too!). Cheers.

    1. Thank you so much! Thanks for reading ❤️

  4. The shapes and colors are spectacular.

    1. Yes, the beauty of Mother Nature always leaves me breathless!

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