Argh Matey! Tall ships set sail for San Diego !

I had a blast at the Festival of Sail this year! Warning: My inner geek is coming out again. When I heard that the tall ships were sailing into the Embarcadero, I knew exactly where I was going to spend a good part of my Labor Day weekend. I MUST have been a pirate in another life because I am super fascinated with these vessels and with learning about life out at sea.

The Festival of Sail is an annual event  and our port is turned into a Nautical Theme Park of sorts featuring fun for your entire crew. There’s delicious food, a beer garden, Naval reenactors,  pirates (the friendly kind of course), and vendors selling anything from Celtic jewelry to  pirate gear. But you know what the best part is? All of the ships that dock for the festival are open for exploration!

Don't miss the Tall Ship Parade!
Hoist the Colors!


Exploring the ship!
Exploring the ship!
That's Captain Autumn Aquarius to you!
That’s Captain Autumn Aquarius to you, mate!
Ready at the helm Sir Tim !
Ready at the helm Sir Tim !




There is a lot to see at the festival on dry land for you landlubbers ! But if you’ve got your sea legs about you there are boating activities you can partake in as well! We couldn’t get a spot on one of the tall ships  😦   but we did get to do a twilight sail on a classic vintage style yacht named Jada. The views of San Diego’s beautiful port were even more breath taking from this vantage point.







I love Sailing!!
I love Sailing!!


Sunset Sail
Sunset Sail


Don’t miss this festival next year me hearties ! I promise ye will have a swashbucklin’ good time !


2 responses to “Argh Matey! Tall ships set sail for San Diego !”

  1. So much fun. I am happy that the people of SD celebrate these things.

    1. We’re a fun loving bunch here in San Diego !

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