Yummy Mexico City

Enchiladas? Mole? Tacos? If you love Mexican Food, you need to live in Mexico, obviously. Every region of the country has it’s specialty, but some of the best foods can be found right in the Center in Mexico City! There are SO MANY delicious places to eat in CDMX (Ciudad de Mexico) that your biggest problem will be deciding which one to go to. We tried as many as we could in our short 5 day visit so here are some suggestions. Hoping to visit CDMX again someday to add to this list!

  1. Tacos Al Pastor at Taqueria Tlaquepaque.

Casual, clean, and inexpensive food close to the Historic City Center. Delicious horchata and tacos al pastor!

Autumn Aquarius Tacos al Pastor

2. Alitas de Pulpo at La Zaranda Miravalle.

I’m not as big a fan as my husband is of Pulpo (Octopus) but holy moly if it’s done Alitas- style (Alitas means wings) I’m all in, and this place does it right! Wash it all down with a Michelada made with Tecate, Tajin, and Mango juice :-P.

Autumn Aquarius Alitas Pulpo

3. Tuna tostados at Contramar.

I think we agree that this was our favorite place. The service, ambiance, and of course food are amazing. Anything you order will be good, but don’t skip the Tuna Tostados! We were debating ordering more but this was just an appetizer and we wanted to eat the rest of our food (which was equally amazing). We should have ordered more.

Autumn Aquarius Contramar tostados

4. Churros at Churreria El moro

Reminds me a bit of Cafe du Monde in NOLA. It’s famous, has a history, is in a historical center, and serves desserts. It’s definitely worth checking out because who the heck doesn’t like chocolate and churros? The famous one is located in Centro Historico, but there is another one in the Roma Norte neighborhood that doesn’t get as crowded.

Autumn Aquarius Churros

5. Chapulines at any street vendor.

Well, maybe not any street vendor. They are pretty much available anywhere when they are in season but shoot for a cart that has a lot of people going to it. Crunchy grasshoppers, seasoned with chili, lime, and salt. Just try it!

Autumn Aquarius Chapulines



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