Autumn Aquarius KAABOO 2015

My Night At Kaaboo 2015

Autumn Aquarius at KAABOO 2015

The first ever KAABOO kicked off this weekend at the Del Mar Fairgrounds and I must say it was a great time. We couldn’t ask for a better venue or nicer weather, but what else do you expect from a city like San Diego? 🙂

There is nothing quite like a great music festival. A wise musician once said, “One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” Truer words were never spoken. I was interested in attending KAABOO because their website says, “”KAABOO is everything a typical music festival is not….We’re a new kind of Arts and Entertainment “Mix-perience” designed around comfort, quality, and good times.” Comfort? Good times? Alright, I can dig it.

Autumn Aquarius KAABOO 2015
Not sure what was going on here. It was a little creepy. I liked it.

Autumn Aquarius KAABOO 2015


I purchased a one day pass because I wouldn’t be able to attend the other two days, and honestly a three day pass was a bit out of my budget.

Overall, I thought everything was well-organized (which my OCD self always appreciates), and fun from the beginning. I absolutely loved the venue. The Del Mar Fair grounds is a great choice because they are no stranger to hosting big events such as the San Diego County Fair, the Horse Races, and Scream Zone every year. Everyone working the event was super cool, the food choices were varied and delicious, the art was insanely beautiful, and the bands rocked the hell out of it.  Lastly (and thank goodness for this), the bathrooms were acceptable. That’s a huge deal for me because I have been known to “hold it” if a bathroom facility is “less than adequate.” And I mean hold it for almost a day. Worst day ever.

I can’t lie, the main reason that I was sold on KAABOO was to see No Doubt. I have been a fan of theirs FOREVER but never got to see them live, so seeing them in my hometown was a dream come true!

I hope KAABOO is a huge success and I am looking forward to attending next year! I think that they delivered on their promise to host an event designed with comfort and quality in mind. I will seriously consider buying a three day pass next year because I had a great time this year, and I’m looking at everyone’s posts from KAABOO today and I’m wishing I was there!

Autumn Aquarius KAABOO 2015 3

Autumn Aquarius KAABOO 2015 4
Crowds !! Yikes.

Autumn Aquarius KAABOO 2015

Autumn Aquarius KAABOO 2015 8Autumn Aquarius KAABOO 2015 9DSC04078

Autumn Aquarius KAABOO 2015 5
BLISS!! Seeing No Doubt for the first time!!

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