Hidden Caves and Sea Turtles: Navigating the Na Pali by Sea Boat.

I had an absolute blast exploring the Na Pali Coast via boat. If you love the ocean as much as I do, and you’ve got you’re sea legs about you (or some Bonine), hop on the first flight to Kauai, because this is definitely an adventure you will remember forever.

The stunning scenery of the Na Pali Coast easily lures all types of explorers to discover her lush jungle, sweeping cliffs, and perfectly blue warm water which is home to abundant sea life. There are a few different ways to explore the Coast by sea, but we opted for the small 6 person boat and chose the “Mid Day Madness Tour” with  Na Pali Experience. They say it best on their website, “Do you want to simply “see” Na Pali or do you want to “experience” Na Pali?” The small boat is for sure, the way to go. We were able to actually go into the sea caves and not just look at them. The dolphins actually came thisclose and swam along with our little boat. And because there were only 7 of us on the boat (my dad and I, our captain Danny, and a family of four visiting from the midwest), we got along quite well, and it felt like we were just enjoying a ride through the Na Pali coast with old friends. Also, the price was very reasonable (about $184.00 per person) for all the amazing memories you get in return.

Looking back at some of the photos and video I took of this experience makes me miss Kauai and the Na Pali Coast every time. It is easily one of the most unique and beautiful places on earth.

Autumn Aquarius Na Pali Coast Adventure

I imagine that when our beautiful home, The Earth was created it looked exactly like this:

Autumn Aquarius Na Pali Coast Adventure-2

Autumn Aquarius Na Pali Coast Adventure-6

Autumn Aquarius Na Pali Coast Adventure-5Another awesome thing about this tour is that you get ample snorkeling time! This was my first time ever snorkeling. How blessed am I that I got to learn in one of the most inviting and beautiful places in the world? I swam with two sea turtles (which I captured with a go pro! Stay tuned for video clips 🙂 ), and TONS of fish! Best day ever.

I was totally amazed at the awesome sea caves that we not only saw, but actually got to hang out in!

View from inside one of the many Na Pali Coast Sea Caves.
View from inside one of the many Na Pali Coast Sea Caves.
Open Ceiling Sea Cave.
Open Ceiling Sea Cave.
Waterfall flowing through the inside of sea cave.
Waterfall flowing through the inside of sea cave.
Dad and I exploring!
Dad and I exploring!

Of all the amazing memories my family and I made on our trip to Kauai, this adventure definitely takes a spot very close to the top (wait until you read my post about the hike of my life through the Na Pali) ! Don’t miss this when you go to Kauai!

Word of advice: Don’t drink anything before your boat trip. I made the mistake of having my daily glass of warm lemon water in the morning about two hours before the trip. I stopped in the bathroom about three times on the way there and before we boarded and by the time we were headed back to the pier I was DYING to use the bathroom again. I had to ask Captain Danny to stop the boat so that I could hop over board and relieve my poor bladder. SO embarrassing! But at least everyone was laughing about it. Trust me, don’t drink anything prior to your trip. They will give you snacks (chips, cut up island fruits) and drinks on board!

Did you take a boat ride through the Na Pali? What was your favorite part? Or, is it on your travel list? Tell me why in the comments!

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18 thoughts on “Hidden Caves and Sea Turtles: Navigating the Na Pali by Sea Boat.

  1. Man, that looks gorgeous. Gotta get out there one of these days. I’mma hit the Big Island in a couple weeks, but Kauai is on the list.

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