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“Adventurer”, “Explorer”, “Historian.”

That is what I’ve always wanted to be when I grew up but alas, no one was hiring for those positions so I decided to create my own space to pursue my passions.

Welcome to Autumn Aquarius Adventures! This is where I document my travels around the world, local adventures in my hometown, and people and events that have inspired me. On a mission to create fresh content for this blog , I saved up everything I could, did a TON of research, planning, a bit of sacrificing, and just dove right in. Since starting this venture in 2014, I’ve travelled to 12 countries and 20 U.S. States. I’ve developed a deep love for New Orleans and Hawaii and have made frequent trips back and forth to delve deeper into the people and culture of these two amazing places. Traveling gave me a deeper appreciation for San Diego, my hometown, the neighborhood I grew up in (Southeast Daygo!) and the way it has shaped me as a person. In 2016, I went to Ireland on my first (but not last!) solo trip abroad and had the time of my life!

When figuring out a name for my blog, I drew inspiration from my favorite season  and from “Aquarius” the open-minded, innovative, and most rebellious sign of the zodiac.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you find my stories inspiring, thought provoking, or just plain hilarious. 🙂

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Autumn Aquarius Adventures
Autumn Aquarius Adventures