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Yummy Tokyo

“Food Heaven” is a real place and it’s called Tokyo! It’s not only the taste of the food that is amazing, it’s the quality, presentation, and creativity that manifests in every dish. It would take a lifetime to enjoy all the delicious food that Tokyo has to offer but it’s one I am most willing to give! Here are a few of the places you have to try when visiting Tokyo:

1.  Ichiran Shibuya

Like most Ramen places in Japan, you place your order through a vending machine (Tip: bring cash!), and give your tickets to your waiter. Privacy adds to the ambiance of your dining experience here because you do not see your waiter as they serve you, and you are seated in your own individual stall. If you come with a group you are able to lift the dividers so you can enjoy the experience with your companions. Your order can be  customized by choosing things like: how rich you want the flavor, how firm or soft you want the noodles, how spicy, etc. I can confidently say it was the best Ramen I have ever had the pleasure of eating!

Autumn Aquarius Ichiran Ramen

2. Tonki Meguro

We were a bit overwhelmed when we first walked in to this casual tonkatsu restaurant because it was crowded, busy, and there was the language barrier so we did not really know where to go or how it worked. We figured it out by observing everyone else, and of course a little help from friendly staff and fellow restaurant patrons who observed our confused faces. The menu is simple and to the point with only two options (loin or fillet), and your tonkatsu comes with miso soup, rice, cabbage, pickled veggies, and green tea. Everything was SO GOOD. The tonkatsu was so tender and juicy, and the rest of the meal went with it perfectly. This was my favorite meal during my trip to Japan, and I wish we had visited more than once!

Autumn Aquarius Tonkatsu

3. Nihonbashi Dashi Bar Hanare

We sort of ran into this place on our very first night in Tokyo and we are glad we did. They have a great menu with set meals and great ala carte options. The prices were decent and the ambiance was casual and trendy. We loved the karaage chicken!


4. Kit Kats-

This is a MUST try while in Japan. There are over 200 flavors! I found 6 flavors and did a video about them which you can watch here. By the end of the trip I managed to find two more: Melon flavor and Sake flavor. They also make great omiyage (souvenirs) to bring home for friends and family.

Autumn Aquarius Kit Kats


5. Tokyo Disney and DisneySea

I was in big trouble here you guys. When you combine the forces of Disney and Japan you get food creations that are not only delicious but also super kawaii. I mean they were almost to cute to eat! Almost. I tried my hardest to stick to my budget here but I caved in and bought everything. I just couldn’t resist.

Some musts:

  1. The popcorn. They have flavors like “soy sauce and butter,” “Curry,” and “milk tea.”
  2. Breads and pastries at the Sweetheart Cafe. Try the Mike Wazowski melon bread!

Autumn Aquarius Disney food

Autumn Aquarius Disney pastries

6. Family Mart, Lawson’s, 711

The convenience store food in Japan is far superior to quick, convenience store food in the U.S.A., or anywhere else I’ve visited. You can get good tasting, good quality food on the go for a great price. Towards the end of our trip, we were running low on money (I mean you would too after a day in Tokyo Disney!) so we frequented the Family Mart close to our Air Bnb. We were so thankful that we still could enjoy a decent dinner for two for under 2000 yen (about $20.00 USD).

Autumn Aquarius Japan Meal

7. Totti Candy Factory

I just had to get the “instagrammable” cotton candy. I should not have because eating the huge rainbow puff of sugar by myself made me sick but I have always dreamed of strolling down this street eating all the sugary delights while shopping for all the kawaii things. I have to say though that until the nauseated feeling I got from all that sugar kicked in, I was feeling pretty high! Make sure to give this place a try but maybe get a smaller version or share with someone!

Autumn Aquarius Cotton Candy
Kawaii overload


8. Dominique Ansel Bakery Japan

I got to visit his bakery in New York City and I fell in love with the DKA, and of course the Cronut. I just had to see what his Japan bakery was like! It did not disappoint, and there were many “Japan only” pastries on the menu. I tried the “Paris-Tokyo,” (traditional Paris Brest with matcha ganache and a soft passion fruit curd), “Monaka Cookie,” (crispy monaka shell and a moist matcha financier cookie), and the “Mr. Roboto” (melon pan filled with a black sugar and Hojicha, roasted brown tea cream). SO GOOD.

Autumn Aquarius Dominique Ansel Japan


29 responses to “Yummy Tokyo”

  1. Yummy !!!!! What was your favorite KitKat ?

    1. Thank you, Judy! I have to say the melon flavor! Melon anything is delicious usually! And maybe the matcha kit kat too!

  2. Lynn @ Oh-So Yummy Avatar
    Lynn @ Oh-So Yummy

    Ooh I think I heard of this individual booth thing before! Sounds like some tasty spots out there! At work somebody shared some world candies in the kitchen including… sake Kit Kats! Just had to mention since you got them too!

    1. So awesome!How did you lilke the Sake Kit Kat? Japan has everything hahaha. Except good carne asada burritos and fries but I mean San Diego is the only place you can find that.

  3. OMG!!! First of all, I want ALL the KitKats and cute video! Second, you went to Dominque Ansel….jealous! Third…the popcorn box holder??? Fourth…the ramen! I’m sure it was an amazing food adventure! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for taking time to comment ! Compliments are always appreciated! Especially from a food blogger like you!

  4. Great Japanese food blog. That ramen looks yummy. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you for reading and for the feedback!

  5. Oh you visited Tokyo! I know how you feel in Disneyland! I outspent my self-set budget there! Merchandise is just so much better and the food too! Did you manage to eat at the Sakura restaurant in DisneySea? It was amazing!

    1. Awww man I missed eating at the restaurant. We kept looking at it but tried to keep to our snacks brought from home and little snacks along the way to save money! But we should have eaten there. Maybe next time

      1. Yeah, next time! I should definitely write about my trip to Tokyo! I’m currently working on my post about my trip to Hong Kong.

      2. Oh cool! I can’t wait to read it! I’ve never been and I’d love to visit one day.

      3. It’ll be finished relatively soon! Hopefully before school starts for me again! Hahaha

  6. Awe the Disney food is sooo cute!! I like how all the foods are nicely decorated. Any favorites?

    1. Definitely the Monsters Inc. melon bread! It was subtly sweet and soft. Very good!

      1. Ooohh awesome! Hey that sounds good! ☺

  7. When I visit Japan I will be going to Tonki Meguro! Looks Delish!

    1. You’ll love it! I miss it !

  8. Oh wow seriously yummy! Would love to visit here 🙂

    1. So much deliciousness in Tokyo, and the rest of Japan too!

  9. I completely agree with you – Japan is the best place for food! I’m totally craving a ramen right now! I love that you included Family Mart; I can’t count the amount of times I dropped in for a few onigiri for a great lunch 😀

    1. Right?!? I wish I had a Family Mart close by me. My friends in Japan are always saying, “Oh just go to 711 or any Asian store you can find the same things.” I’m like, “Noooo it’s not the same!”

  10. Nice sharing with beautiful pics.

  11. Fabulous! I’m coming with you next time. I can easily fit inside your suitcase, right?

    1. Thank you!! If you can fit in my backpack, you’re in! 😛

  12. The food in Tokyo seems so amazing! Even the burger haha. Cant wait to eat real japanese food! Just afraid that I will spend too much money haha

    1. Prepare to spend all your money on food hahah! It’s just too good to resist! Japan does so many things the best, and food is definitely one of them.

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